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Free Shipping Through April 13th

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SPECIAL - Limited Edition Numbered set of 3 sculptures

SPECIAL - Limited Edition Numbered set of 3 sculptures

SPECIAL!  –  Limited Production Numbered set of 3 –  $575.00 while supplies last!

Call for more information, or to place your Special Limited Edition Order.

Michael Garman’s handmade sculptures, “Roundup: Limited Edition”, “Pistolero: Limited Edition” and “Range Rider: Limited Edition” were originally released on May 14, 2016. These numbered limited editions include a special paint scheme and certificate of authenticity.

Only 50 limited editions of these sculptures have been made.  Once all 50 numbered editions are issued, this piece will be retired from active production.

  • Roundup measures           9.5″ tall
  • Pistolero measures             14″ tall
  • Range Rider measures        9″ tall




Michael's Most Recent Sculpture Release

Michael's Most Recent Sculpture Release

The Wild West presented many days of hard work.  Cowboy’s Prayer stops to take a moment to give thanks.

This handmade sculpture by Michael Garman honors the heroes of American history.


honor the hero in your life

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Q&A with Michael Garman

Q&A with Michael Garman

Michael Garman chats about his life and career

In the latest issue of Colorado Fun Guide, Michael Garman shares memories of his lengthy sculpting career spanning over 5 decades and 3 continents.

Article excerpt:

Q: What is Magic Town, and why should visitors add it to their to-do list?

MG: Magic Town is my life in 3D. It’s a gritty version of Americana that encompasses parts of the eight decades of my life. I created the first few cityscapes as a home for my sculptures, so I could tell more of their stories. And then it just kept growing. After 40 years, it’s still not finished. For visitors, I like to say it’s a 3,000 square-foot miniature city that makes the ugly beautiful (to quote a 9-year-old I met a couple of years ago). I have always found alleyways and abandoned buildings to be fascinating, and I have found that most people agree. Leave a door cracked open, and I dare you not to want to look inside. That’s what you get to do in Magic Town — peek in every window and down every alley; discover the secret lives of my characters.



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