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Q&A with Michael Garman

Q&A with Michael Garman

Michael Garman chats about his life and career

In the latest issue of Colorado Fun Guide, Michael Garman shares memories of his lengthy sculpting career spanning over 5 decades and 3 continents.

Article excerpt:

Q: What is Magic Town, and why should visitors add it to their to-do list?

MG: Magic Town is my life in 3D. It’s a gritty version of Americana that encompasses parts of the eight decades of my life. I created the first few cityscapes as a home for my sculptures, so I could tell more of their stories. And then it just kept growing. After 40 years, it’s still not finished. For visitors, I like to say it’s a 3,000 square-foot miniature city that makes the ugly beautiful (to quote a 9-year-old I met a couple of years ago). I have always found alleyways and abandoned buildings to be fascinating, and I have found that most people agree. Leave a door cracked open, and I dare you not to want to look inside. That’s what you get to do in Magic Town — peek in every window and down every alley; discover the secret lives of my characters.



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