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Please direct all questions and comments to sales@michaelgarman.com

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Secure Site Information
How does it all really work?
1. Starting with your order, all data submitted via the checkout form is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.
2. Making a Positive ID. After you’ve selected items to purchase, you’ll be prompted to continue your order by clicking on “Place Your Order” or “Place Order.” At this point, your browser looks for a “site certificate” to confirm that it is communicating with Michael Garman Productions®. Once a positive ID is made, your order continues.
3. Entering “Secure Mode.” At this point, your computer and our server begin communicating in secure mode, sending data back and forth in an encrypted format. We are ready to ask you for your credit card information. The encryption features of browser software are exceptionally powerful to ensure the security of this data as it is transmitted to our server.

How can you tell if you are Site Secure?
The standard, unsecured URL address begins “http://”. When you enter secure mode, the beginning of the URL address will change to “https://”; the “s” stands for secure. Most browsers in secure mode also display a blue line along the top of the browser window. Netscape NavigatorTM (versions 3.0 and earlier) display a broken key symbol in the lower left corner of your browser window when you are not viewing a secure page of a site. This key will become solid when you enter secure mode. Netscape Communicator 4.0 uses a padlock, in the same location as the key, to indicate if you are in standard or secure mode. The padlock is open in standard mode and closed in secure mode. In Microsoft’s Internet Explorer®, you’ll see a padlock symbol at the bottom of your browser window when the browser is in secure mode.