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Yesterday’s News is an ornate CityScape by Michael Garman that was created in 1975 when Michael Garman was beginning construction on his Sculptural Theater – Magic Town.  Michael Garman created two versions of Yesterday’s News – one with magical elements and one without.

Yesterday’s News with Magic is a rare CityScape.  It includes a trick lighting element developed for creating illusions in Magic Town.  The “magic” allows the scene behind the window to showcase two different interior rooms.

Yesterday’s News with Magic is NO LONGER AVAILABLE for resale.

The Archives Department at Michael Garman Productions was developed to establish market values for Michael Garman’s retired CityScapes and Sculptures.  Retail value of any work of art is a fluid market with spikes and dips. In the end, the value of any work of art is based on the meaning it has for its consumer, and we in no way can guarantee a resale at the full retail value.  The above value represents the retail price we would set for this piece if we had one available at The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery.

To learn about secondary markets for this and other Michael Garman CityScapes, please contact our Archives Department at 800-731-3908 or email

Scene measures 23″ x 31″ x 13″.  ©1975.  Handpainted finish.

Made in the USA – in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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