Night in Magic Town by Hayden Anderson

2015 Magic Town Literary Contest.  2nd Place:  Age 9-13

Age 10.  Columbine Elementary, Woodland Park.  Teacher:  Mrs. Flesher, 5th Grade

Age 9-13 1a

As the Michael Garman Museum store lights turn off row by row at 5:30pm and the door slams shut, small lifelike figures suddenly burst with even more life.  Magic Town after-hours is in action! Darby Hotel lobby

Flickering street lights turn on, and electric lines buzz with power.  Shoppers go about their daily routine, and people walk their dogs happily down the streets of Magic Town.  Busy shopkeepers sell their large assortment of merchandise.  The Darby Hotel serves room service door to door.  Restaurants serve artfully crafted dishes satisfying people’s cravings.  The dazzling Crown Theater amazes audiences with fanciful movies as the smell of popcorn fills the air.  Homeless people beg while displaying their talents alongside street vendors.  People clean up
streets with dusty old brooms as squirrels scurry up towering oak trees as they flee barking dogs.  Amazing holograms chat away in street alleys beside South, Central and North American architecture.

Tony's PizzariaBrick buildings hold apartments full of people of all occupations.  Leaves drift off trees being blown by winds far, far away.  Music starts to ply marking the 8-o’clock hour.  Pizza parlors spin hand-tossed crusts and then smother them with cheese, sauce and toppings.  Children run around frantically, looking into toy shop windows.  Old scrawny men lift barrels full of agi
ng liquor bottles while police keep an eye on the town.  Tattered old stores swipe people’s credit cards.

As time flies, 11:30pm seems right around the corner.  Cafes sell biscotti and croissants to their coffee-drinking customers.  Hatch Story 6 tattooman - Marsha KayHard working men wearing hard hats climb telephone poles fixing wires.  Barber shops go snip-snip-snip next to buzzing tattoo parlors. Middle-aged men sit back and relax watching football.  Pool players hustle as their balls roll into the pockets.  Cats patrol roofs gazing down on the townsfolk.  Piano bars roar with sound as the clock hits 5:00am.

“Get back in your places!” yell the people of Magic Town.  “Thirty minutes to opening time!”

The shop doors open as Old Colorado City springs to life.  Shoppers fill Magic town as they gasp in amazement at the lifelike figures.  The world of Michael Garman rests until it can burst with life again the next night.

Age 9-13 families 4