Night in Magic Town by Isabella Klemeneic

2015 Magic Town Literary Contest, First Place:  Age 9-13

Age 13.  Falcon Middle School.  Teacher:  Mrs. Bethany Champlin

Age 9-13 1a

When you first step into The Michael Garman Museum, your eyes first judgement about the illusion is radiant and buoyant, but what you don’t see through the alluding lights is the countless struggles everyone is going through until you actually step into Magic Town and take a closer look.

The clock hit 5:10, and the Magic Town Museum was closing in 20 minutes.  Michael Garman was sitting in the front of one of his pocket-sized sculptures.  He was analyzing a specific sculpture named Birdie.

“Mary!”  Michael bellowed.  “Birdie needs to be taken to rehab for Mary Burright 4restorations.  I think she got knocked over when we removed the Halloween decorations.”

Mary looked at her watch and said, “Okay, but we close in 20 minutes, so I might not be able to finish tonight.”

Michael laughed.  “It’s fine, it’s not like the sculpture will run away overnight.”

As the time approached for the museum to close, Mary and Michael left the sculptures where they were and locked the door as they left.  But what Michel didn’t know was that the sculptures did more than sit there all night.

Branding Day HPEvery day Branding, the handmade art sculpture, finished at the same location in Magic Town:  The Rodeo.  Birdie spends her day at the golf course, playing golf where she is stuck all day until the museum closes.  Then she and Branding meet at The Corner Bar on 3rd Street, but today is a far cry from the daily schedule.

The museum has folded for the night, and Branding is on his way to The Corner Bar to meet Birdie.  He set off into the bar, but Birdie was nowhere in sight, so he sat at a table and waited for her to arrive.  An hour passed, and Birdie still wasn’t there.  Branding started getting worried something bad had happened to her.  He decided to leave The Corner Bar and go to the golf coBirdie HPurse to find her.

He approached the golf course and went to the clubhouse to ask if Birdie left in the past hour, but the clerk said she had not seen Birdie since yesterday before the museum opened.  Branding was stunned by the news and stumbles to hole #7 where she normally is when the museum is open.  Birdie wasn’t there, but what shocked him more was a note that said:


While Branding was crippled over the note, Birdie was in a totally different situation.

“Help!  Help!  Help!” Birdie screeched.

Birdie had no clue where she was or how she got there, but all she knew was that she was not in Magic Town.  Everything was larger than her, and she was trapped in a glass box.  All she could do was wait there until something happened.

Display Aviation Stick & RudderAfter sitting in the middle of the golf course for 20 minutes, Branding was determined to find Birdie and bring her back home.  The note said that she had been moved to rehab, but Rehab was on the other side of town, so he got his friend to load him and old beat-up airplane to travel in, and then he started his quest.

Branding flew for half an hour, and was not running low on gas, so he landed the plane to get fuel.  While he was filling up on gas, a group of homeless men was walking toward him.  He was suspicious about the men, but he just stood by the pump calmly.  The guys came over to Branding mockingly and forcefully jumped on top of him.  He was screaming and trying to fight back, but one of the younger men cut his leg with a pocketknife.  He couldn’t move.  One of the men jumped into the plane and initiated it while the others piled in.  They left Branding laying on the bitter, dense concrete bleeding out.

Branding tore a piece of cloth off his shirt and tied the wound.  The pain mellowed down, so he got up and went into the gas station.  He rented a car with the little money he had to get to Rehab.

He drove for two hours, and finally arrived at the old crippled building for the wounded.  He rushed in as fast as he could with this leg throbbing.  He came up to the lady at the front desk.

Branding shouted, “Where is Birdie?  Is she here?”

“Um, we don’t have a “Birdie” here,” the lady replied.

Branding fell to the floor feeling sorrow.  He then got up, went outside and sat on the curb.  He saw a strange shape in the distance.  It was a person like him, or what he thought he was, but six times the size.  The man had gray hair and wore brown pants and a brown jacket.  When the figure came through the door, Branding froze as the Museum opened.

2013 Feb Sculpting (1)Michael Garman came in and started analyzing the sculpture again.  Mary came in the door next and went to her office to work on the sculptures.  While Michael was gazing at the sculptures, he noticed something strange.  He spotted Branding sitting on a curb with a strip of cloth wrapped around his leg.  He picked him up and unraveled the cloth.  Michael called Mary over to come look at Branding.

“Do you know how he got all the way over here, and why he has a dent on his leg?”  Michael asked Mary.

“No,” she replied.

“Well, put him in rehab with Birdie,” he mumbled.

Mary put Branding in the bin where Birdie was.

When the day was over, the museum closed and the magic started all over again.

Branding came back alive, and what he first saw blew his mind.  A sculpture with dirty blonde hair wearing a golf hat, green skirt and a green top was standing right next to him staring at him.  It was Birdie!

They both froze in shock, but quickly came together in a hug.  Branding told her how he got there, but it didn’t occur to him where they were until that moment.  He finally noticed that rehab was in the restoration room in the museum for sculptures that need to be fixed – not the Rehab Clinic in Magic Town.

Before the museum opened, they wanted to get back to Magic Town.  They were both still stuck in the glass box, but Branding lifted Birdie so she could reach the latch to open it.  Once they were free, they rushed across the table when – BAM!  Birdie fell off the side of the table.  She was handing on with the tip of her fingers from the ledge.  Branding pulled her up safely on the table.  Together, they proceeded to climb down the left of the table onto the floor.  They walked across the pitch black for three hours, which felt like three days, before they finally reached the display of Magic Town.  They climbed up the let of a display table and back into their hometown.Birdie and Branding 1

When they got to town, they sat on the sidewalk and hugged as the museum re-opened.

Mary came into the museum first, and went in her office.  She screamed as shrieking sound as Michael walked in.  “The sculptures re gone!  They’re not in my office!”  she stated.

Michael looked at the display, and all Mary saw was him smiling down at Birdie and Branding hugging on the ground in Magic Town.

Even though Magic Town seems structured around the struggles in life, you have to look deeper in the meaning.  Then you will see the happier moments and cherish and remember those above all others.

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