The Lonely One by Shealan K. Waters

2015 Magic Town Literary Contest.  First Place: Age 6-10

Age 13.  Columbine Elementary, Woodland Park.  Teacher:  Mrs. Flesher, 5th Grade

Age 6-10 best

It was 1920 in Magic Town.  Timothy was just trying to make a friend.“ Wait, come back!” Timothy exclaimed, as the boy he was trying to make friends with ran away down the alley.  This made Timothy sad. He had no friends in Magic Town.  He felt like his parents were nothing but disappointed in him, because he was clumsy and could not make a friend once again. Not even in the “hustle and bustle” of Magic Town. For every kid on the block thought he was weird. The day had gone by, and again, I, Timothy was without a friend. I went home to cry under the covers of my bed.  I slipped on my pajamas and crawled under the covers. I thought about why nobody liked me. Then I told myself it was just because they were mean spirited.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMagic Town is not like any other town. This is a spooky place where ghosts roam the streets at night. At exactly 9:00pm each night every living person turns themselves into a hologram of themselves to hide from the ghosts who ooze out of the cracks of the walls. You see, the ghosts can see real people, but they can’t see you if you turn into a Hologram - couplehologram. Everyone feared these ghosts, which I did not understand, because I saw them as possible friends. I was forced to turn into my “hologram self” each night because my parents were worried that I was going to turn into a ghost as the legends warned if  one got near me.

I was determined to make a friend, so this night became  different than the others. When my parents said good night and left the room, I turned back to my normal self and waited in the shadows. When it was time, the ghosts started to come out of my bedroom walls. All of them were huge, except for one. The small one caught my eye so I jumped out and said “Hi!”. This small ghost screamed “Aaaaaaaa.  I haven’t  se-se-se seen a live human since 1910 because of all the new technology with these holograms.”  He nervously said.

“My name is Timothy.  What’s your name?” I asked. “My name is Quin.” “Hi Quin!  Pardon me if you don’t want to talk about it, but I am really curious about how you died?” “Umm, I had cancer, and they told my family that they didn’t have the tools to fix me at that time, and I would last maybe 12 more days. After my family told me the news we decided to make my last few days on earth the best I’ve ever had. I died 13 days later.”

I was devastated by what Quin told me. “How is your family now?” I asked. “I am uncertain” said Quin.  “As a young ghost, I am only allowed to play in a small 2 block area, and my parents do not live in these two blocks, so I have not seen them since I died. They might be celebrating my birthday tomorrow though.” replied Quin.  “How old are you going to be and how old were you when you died?”  I asked.   “I would be turning 20 tomorrow, and I was 10 when I died,” Quin said with tears in his eyes. “Where does your family live now” I asked?  “They use to live above the hotel on 400 West Darby Street several blocks from here,” Quin replied.

MT Character - Mischief in AlleyThen Quin asked me why I was not a hologram and hiding from him like all the other living people. I told Quin that I had no friends and I was willing to make a friend that everyone else had feared.  I asked politely if he was willing to be my friend. Quin giggled and replied “I’m game if you are. I haven’t had a living friend since I died.”  Then he laughed at this statement as that was kind of funny.  Right then I hatched an idea. I was going to have a surprise birthday party for Quin and invite his family.

The next day I went to find Quin’s family and talk to them about how Quin and I met. I ran up the stairs to their front door above the hotel and knocked.  I heard the door unlock and then the door was open.   “Well, hello little boy. What can I do for you?”  Said an older man at the door.  “My name is Timothy, and I’m here to talk to you about your son Quin if you are the people that Quin told me about.” I said. The older man looked shocked and with a tear in his eye, he called his wife to the door.  “Well why didn’t you say so in the first place?  Come on in” said the older woman with a wet toweI wrapped around her neck from washing dishes.

I walked inside and sat down on the blue couch with gold edges around it and explained to them how I met Quin.  “I can’t believe it.  We thought we were the only ones in the city who didn’t turn into a hologram at night because we were hoping to see our son once again.” They exclaimed.  Then I told them about how I thought not turning into a hologram was a chance to make a friend.  I also told them what Quin had told me about the young ghost rule of not being able to leave the 2 block area he currently hangs out in.  This explained why they had never seen him as a ghost or why he never looked for them.

“When Quin was in my room last night he told me that it would be his birthday today.  Is that true?” I asked. “Why yes it is.  We were going to send up a bouquet of balloons to celebrate his special day,” they replied.  “I’ve got a better idea.” I said. “What do you think about a surprise birthday party for Quin where you can actually see him again,” I asked? They were so excited about this idea that they could barely keep the happy tears from falling down their face.

“Meet me at my house tonight at 7:00pm. I live right up the street above Chair-man’s Barber, on 400 West Court Street.  We can set up the surprise party and decorations at the Pizzeria on the Corner across from my apartment.  I will bring Quin there when he oozes into my room at 9:00pm.”  They loved this idea and we said good bye until later that evening.

As I was walking home I thought to myself what nice people Quin’s family were.   I was so glad I found them for Quin.  When I arrived home it was midafternoon, and I decided to get some “shut eye” before Quin’s family would arrive at 7:00pm.  I woke up and it was 6:00pm.   I had just enough time to tell my parents about my new ghost friend Quin, and the plan to throw a surprise party at the Pizzeria with Quin’s family. Surprisingly, they took it very well and were very supportive about me finally having a friend.  Even if he was a little ghost boy.  I invited them to Quin’s surprise birthday party and to meet his family.  My mother was worried about having company, because she had not cleaned the apartment yet and she immediately got busy cleaning as it was 6:30pm and Quin’s parents were due to arrive in 30 minutes.

At 7:00pm there was a knock on our door and it was Quin’s parents with all kinds of decorations.  I introduced them to my parents and we talked for a while.  Then all of us went downstairs and across the street to the Pizzeria to set up all the decorations for the surprise birthday party.

When we were done, I went upstairs by myself, to wait for Quin to arrive. At exactly 9:00pm he oozed out of the cracks of my bedroom wall leaving a small, barely visible, “green goo” on the walls.  Quin saw that I was amazed at how he could do this, so he showed me a few times how he could slip right through walls with no problems.  I asked him about the “green goo”and he said that was just ghost lubrication for getting through tight spaces.  That made sense to me.Tony's Pizzaria 3

I told Quin that I wanted to show him something across the street at the Pizzeria, and he was excited that I wanted to hang out somewhere else besides my room.  He hovered behind me as I walked down the stairs and across the street into the Pizzeria.  Just as we entered the doors Quin saw his parents for the first time in 10 years, and he also realized for the first time that they could see him too.  I don’t know if you have ever seen a ghost cry happy tears, but if you have, you know that it looks like that same “green goo” that lubricates their way through tight spaces.  I guess that makes sense also.

When the happy tears from both Quin and his parents stopped, I introduced Quin to my parents and they thought he was a wonderful young ghost boy.  Our two families’ sat and talked together for a couple hours getting to know each other.  After a while, Quin and I wanted to go outside and play.  We told our families that we would be out playing in the alley and would be back just after midnight because that’s when Quin had to return to his ghost care-takers.

We returned to the Pizzeria at the time we said we would just when Quin’s ghost caretakers arrived.  We all said our goodbyes for that night, but we knew this was just the beginning for Quin and me.  Also, Quins’ parents now knew how they could find him each night, and they could see each other frequently.

I had finally accomplished making a friend. Now all that was left to do was go on a bunch of adventures together. Quin and I became inseparable.

As a side note to this story you will find that there are now only a few holograms left in Magic Town.  That’s because the story about Quin and I got out, and very few people are afraid of ghosts anymore.  Now, most people just hope that they get the chance to run into their old ghost family and friends again through the special magic of Magic Town!

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