Night in Magic Town, by Taya Rosales

2014 Magic Town Literary Contest Runner-up, Ages 13-17

Age 13, Cesar Chavez Academy, Pueblo, Colorado

Zombie BabyHi my name is Taya.  My class went on a field trip to the Michael Garman Museum and Gallery.  As soon as we got inside the tour guide told us there would be a scavenger hunt.  My friends and I found the scarecrow and won a prize for finding it.  We looked around the lobby and saw small people, they looked real but, they were actually fake. Then we went into Magic Town and it was full of figures that Michael Garman made.  They had houses for the little people; they had different people with different faces and clothing. They had zombies and a baby eating a person ,and I thought it was funny.  They had bats that I had to look for in the trees.  They had special effects like the alley-way.  The alley-way was like a two-way mirror, it was pretty cool.  When we got to go through the alley, I almost ran into the mirror and got scared because I didn’t see it.  Ms. Sylva got scared of the zombie baby.  Inside Magic Town, they had figures of a movie theater and restaurants.  This made me hungry.  The final part of the tour my class and I went downstairs to see how the figures were made.  They went into more details about how they made Magic Town, which I thought was cool.

When we were about to leave, I realized I left something behind,  I went back inside.  When I got back outside, I noticed my class was gone.  We were all supposed to go to McDonalds for lunch.  I was really sad because I was hungry.  Even the workers had left, and I was there alone – stuck in Magic Town.  Zombies in Magic TownMy cell phone died so I couldn’t call anyone to come and get me.  I was left there for the night.  All I found to eat was candy.  It wasn’t the best dinner.  I went to the spooky part of the Magic Town and look at the zombies, I guess by this time it was late night.  I noticed something different about the zombie babies. They looked alive but in a small version.  Kind of like that one movie “The Night of the Museum.”  Yeah – a kind of movie you don’t want to be in.  The people that weren’t zombies were walking and talking.  I sat by a house that had a zombie inside, I wasn’t really scared at this point.  I touched the zombie, and it bit me.  Not a huge bite, it was a small bite like from a baby bunny is biting you.  The I felt weird.  Suddenly, I was small – the size of the miniature people.  It was weird, but I was really small, not the size I was before.

Tony's Pizzaria 3When I stopped thinking about how small I was, I started walking.  I went into the pizza place, one of the small restaurants I had seen before.   There were lots of people in there, I asked a man what time was it.  He replied, “I don’t know… the time when we all become alive and awake and when all the big people get out of here.” Then he stopped talking, he got up and I heard him say “stupid,” then he left.  I left the pizza place to find somewhere safe to stay.  I went to Ruth’s Café and went to upstairs there was a hotel there.  I still had money, but I didn’t have to pay to stay.

I realized I wasn’t sleepy so I left the room to go outside.  I started to walk where the zombie baby was eating the person, I don’t know why.  After looking down Zombie Alley I walked close to the movie theater, I went inside and paid for a ticket.  There were lots of people inside.  The movie started.  I believe it was Haunted House.  The movie was pretty good, scary, but I like scary movies.  After the movie ended, I saw a store and decided to check it out.  I was surprised when I found a phone charger.  I wondered if it could work for my cell phone.

I left the store and started walking, and I noticed a ladder.  When I went down the ladder, it took me to another room, and all of the people from the lobby and the beginning of Magic Town were on the floor.  They were no longer on the shelves, they were all over the place.  It was hard getting through the crowd.  I just went back the Spooky Magic Town.  I heard people screaming, I guess it was because of the huge crowd.  I just climbed the bench and sat there, then I went back to the room, and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was morning.  I tried to get out of the room, but something was blocking it.  I ran to the window to look out and there were people – not the ones that are made by Michael Garman, they were actually real people.  I knocked on the window. They thought I was one of those holograms.  I couldn’t find a way out the room.  I tried and tried to open the door, but something big and heavy was holding it.  I tried the phone charger I brought from that store.  I plugged it in.  When my phone came on, it said it was 7:00 at night, but I couldn’t make any calls.  “That’s strange,”  I thought.  I tried to open the door again.  It opened and I was free from the room.  At the bottom of the stairs was a big chubby guy.  He said, “You can’t leave when people are here.”  I asked “why,” but he walked away before I asked again.

I sat outside and watched the people walking around.  One got bit by a zombie, but nothing happened.  She was tall, like my old size.  I don’t think she noticed being bit.  That was strange.  I looked at my phone and it was 12 a.m.  I had to make a plan to get out.  I got hungry so I went to the employee lounge and went in the fridge and grabbed some food to eat.  I went through the trick-mirror alley-way to find a place with an open window but I had to pay this time.  It looked just like my house, my real house.  Come to think of it, it was my own house.  But it was really quiet because I was across from the other side.  Somehow that trick-mirror led to my house, but no one was home.   It was around 5 a.m.  I got up and climbed out Zombie Babythe window.  The window lead me to the alley with the trick-mirror that scared me.  I walked down where were people walking,Like patrol officers.  They asked why I was back there, I decided to say “I was throwing my trash away.”  Then they both said “Okay,” and walked away.  I started to walk towards the other side with the baby zombies.  When I got closer I heard a girl screaming.  The baby zombie was attacking her!  I tried to help.  When it grabbed my hand and bit my arm and I got taller. I passed out.

When I woke up, it was morning and I heard keys opening a door.  I looked up and saw that it was the lady from the tour.  She asked, “how did you get in here.”  I had to tell her the whole story and how long I been in there.  I asked for the phone to call my parents.  When they got there, they were so happy to see me.  My mom was in tears saying, “Oh, I love you.”

Taya Rosales and Michael Garman at the Magic Town Literary Contest Awards Ceremony

Taya Rosales and Michael Garman at the Magic Town Literary Contest Awards Ceremony