Night at Magic Town, by Jerrod Gallup

2014 Magic Town Literary Contest Runner-up, Ages 6-10

Age 10, Columbine Elementary, Woodland Park, Colorado

When all the lights have been shut off for the night and the clerk has finished his nightly duties, something stirs, a small squeak is heard and suddenly, Magic Town comes to life!  The café lights come on, the street lamps send off a soft glow, and finally the detailed clay figures give a shake, a mumble, a groan and at last the figures move.

Corner Bar The shoppe owners call out their goods for sale, and the workers get out their wrenches and tighten bolts.  A man orders a drink at a bar, and a child turns on her TV.  Then suddenly, a loud meow is heard – all heads turn, all faces grow terrified, the mayor shouts from his balcony “freeze!” Everyone grows still as a statue waiting, waiting…Balcony

BAM!!! A cat bursts through a building with a crazy and wild man close behind, shouting “BAD CAT! BAD CAT!” The cat dives into a movie theater without a sound.  The cat stays as still as a rock, as the man, softly coos his name.  Then without warning, the man dives at the cat in his hiding plkace, knocking over buildings and people as he goes.  In the end, the man has a bad temper and several claw marks.  The cat on the other hand, acts like nothing has happened and lightly licks his paw thoughtfully.  They both go out of the museum putting back people, buildings, and roads as they leave.  Then the mayor gives the clear signal to the guards, and goes back inside.

Later that evening, a baseball game is played in the back yard of a young family.  9 hours later, the doorbell rings and the clerk enters.  He looks over the shoppe searchingly.  Finally, his eyes behind thick glasses land on the unsettled dust.  He gives a knowing smile, turns on the lights and hides his secret another day.

Nathan and Jarrod Gallup with Michael Garman at the Magic Town Literary Contest Awards Ceremony

Nathan and Jarrod Gallup with Michael Garman at the Magic Town Literary Contest Awards Ceremony