Killer in Magic Town, by Elizabeth Vanhook

2014 Magic Town Literary Contest Runner-up, Ages 9-13

5th Grade, Sand Creek Elementary School, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Once up on a time, there was a museum called Magic Town.  When the doors closed, Magic Town came to life . . . and that’s when it all started.  It used to be a sweet loving town until the killer came.

It was the first day of Fall.  It was nine o-clock.  All of the people came to life.  All of the stores opened.

Tony's Pizzaria“When the clock turns to nine forty five, I will start my killing,” said the killer.  Then out of nowhere, a gush of wind blew the Darby Hotel doors open.

“Who was that?” said the store owner.

“All I can see is a black shadow,” said a customer.

“It’s the KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said another customer.

“OH, NO!!!” said everyone.  “We better hide!!”  They all hid so well that when the killer searched he only found one person.  Then he went down to the Pizzeria.  A huge gush of wind blew the pizzeria doors open.

“What was that?” asked the pizzeria owner.

Bus Stop Cafe Sandy“I think it was the killer,” said a girl in a red bikini standing next to the juke box.

“Oh my gosh, we better run!” said the crowd.  Everyone ran so fast, all the killer caught was a stray cat and a rat sitting on a pizza box.

“Oh, I give up!” said the killer. The killer went home, and everyone clapped.

When the clock turned to 10:00, the killer turned himself in, so the cops arrested him.  Magic Town was finally a better town again.  All of the people gathered in the gazebo.  The mayor celebrated with a trophy that says “The Nicest Town in the Michael Garman Museum” from Michael Garman.  Then all the people played at the park.

All of a sudden Ms. Mary an employee of the Michael Garman Museum walked in and all of the statues froze like glass and Ms. Mary had forgotten something and then left.  All the statues came back to life.  The mayor said, “Man that was close.”

Everyone said their goodbyes and left the gazebo and parks.  Then because they all left the hotel was all a sudden full.  The next morning before Ms. Mary came in the statues came to life and got in their normal spots from the day before.  Next, Ms. Mary came in and sold some stuff until 11:30, then went to lunch.  Finally the statues came back to life again.

Fireman & PolicemanWhen the sun rose the killer was released into Magic Town and they all had a meeting and the killer announced who he was.  He explained that he was bullied because he has a girl’s name and that’s why he became the killer.  He announced loud and proud that his name was Michelle, and he was very proud of it, then everyone laughed and he pulled out a very bloody knife.

“Ok, Ok we were just playing,” said the crowd.

“I swear I will be the best person I can be” said Michelle.  Then Ms. Mary came in, and she heard the news that they had to close down.  Everyone in Magic Town heard and immediately started to pack up.  Even though they were pretending to be fake, they revealed themselves anyway – like Policeman John and Fireman Joe.  All of Magic Town ran out of the museum into the street and got ran over by a semi-truck.  Then the police came and investigated the scene and never found out how the statues got into the street in the first place.  The Michael Garman Museum had a funeral for the statues souls.

Michael Garman with Age 9-13 Finalists - Faith Carino, Abril Rivera Andrew and Elizabeth Vanhook

Michael Garman with Age 9-13 Finalists – Faith Carino, Abril Rivera Andrew and Elizabeth Vanhook