The Crazy Land of Statues, by Abril Rivera Andrew

4th Grade, Bricker Elementary School, Colorado Springs, Colorado

2014 Magic Town Literary Contest Runner-up, Ages 9-13

Once upon a time, there were many beautiful statues.  One day there was a little girl, and she had a beautiful house and in that house there were 61 statues.   But one night, the little girl was going to get a carrot from her garden.  She saw something move, and she blinked and a statue was not there.  AHH!  She was very, very, very scared.  She went screaming into the house, and she told everyone.  The maid, dad, mom and even the dog!  At midnight, the little girl ran upstairs and said, “I’m scared.  The statues are going to eat me.  Ah-h!”  So she slept with her mom and dad.

The next day she woke up at her bed and looked out the window.  And then the statue spoke to her.  It waved hi.  She smiled.  Shen she got dressed, she ran outside and the statue said, “I’m nice to little girls.”

The little girl replied, “Prove it!”

The statue said, “Okay, fine then.”  So he took her to the ice cream shop.

“You have lots of money,” said the little girl.  He laughed, “Ja-ja-ja.”

At night, the statue took her home, but her dad said, “Where were you at?”

She replied, “I went to the pond at the park.”

She got into big, big trouble.  Then she went to her room and the statue was there!  He said, “Hi again.”  She still had a grumpy face on her face, so the statue said, “I’m sorry I got you in trouble.”  She said, “It’s my fault for listing to a dumb statue!”  But the statue knew that something would make her laugh and not say anything bad about him.

So the statue said, “You can call me Mr. Bloop.”  She laughed, “Hey Mr. Bloop, can you say any good night stories?”  He said he could, so they read lots of books.

The next day, she brought breakfast to the statue and said, “Hey, I’m glad you came alive, but I think it is time for your to leave and go back to your real life.  The statue said, “You’re right.”

He almost left, but when he was halfway to turning back, he said, “I almost forgot something.”  Then he broke a piece of his cement statue necklace and gave her a piece.  Then he gave her a gib hug and said, “Bye.”

And they lived happily ever after.

Michael Garman with Age 9-13 Finalists - Faith Carino, Abril Rivera Andrew and Elizabeth Vanhook

Michael Garman with Age 9-13 Finalists – Faith Carino, Abril Rivera Andrew and Elizabeth Vanhook