Spy on Michael Garman in his San Francisco Studio, circa 1969, as he perfects his sculpting style.

Sculptor, Michael Garman, showcases the Darby III exhibit.

Visit the Crown Theater where Casablanca has been playing since 1975.

Get first class service from Bessie at the Bus Stop Cafe.  If you know what’s good for you, you won’t ask what’s in the eggs.

You can always find someone to lend a helping hand.

Sandy makes her daily visit to the Bus Stop Cafe.

The boys enjoy their morning coffee in Magic Town.

Buy a lady a drink at the Corner Bar.

Micheal Garman shows his daughter some of the magical elements in Magic Town.

A pick-up artist tries his stills in the Corner Bar.

A hologram tells stories about her deadbeat husband off carousing in Magic Town.

A pool shark lines up his perfect shot in the Corner Pocket.

Magic Town characters gather at the Washeteria for a bit of local gossip about the wannabe artist who moved into the loft upstairs.

Magic Town is Michael Garman’s 3,000 square-foot sculptural theater.  This handmade miniature city features dozens of highly detailed CityScapes created at 1:6 scale and hundreds of characters inspired by Garman’s own vagabond travels.  There are also holograms that heckle visitors as they walk by, trick-lighting effects that can make entire alleyways appear and disappear, and mirrored illusions that create magical surprises around each corner.  You never know what you’ll discover next as you wander through this elaborate village.

Visit Magic Town – only at The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery

2418 West Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

(719) 471-9391  *  (800) 731-3908