All of Michael Garman’s sculptures are reproduced by hand in his sculpture studio located in Colorado Springs, USA.  Because we hand-craft every sculpture, we are able to offer a variety of personalization options to help our customers honor the heroes in their lives.  For more information about all our personalization options, please call one of our design specialists at 800-731-3908 or email us at


For over 50 years, Michael Garman has been honoring American heroes from all walks of life with over 500 sculptures that are reproduced by hand in Colorado Springs, USA.

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Honor the hero in your life with a sculpture by Michael Garman.  We offer over 500 sculptures that honor American heroes from all walks of life:  firefighters, police, military, cowboys, sports heroes, and many more.

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Michael Garman’s Magic Town attraction is a 1/6 scale miniaturized city neighborhood, complete with 18 different buildings, full of a variety of different scenes which change before your eyes. Be sure to look for the holograms as the local residents tell their tales of life in the city!

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View photographs of just some of the celebrities who have enjoyed Michael Garman’s sculptures.

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CUSTOM PAINT:  We can personalize any of our Handpainted sculptures with many custom features including Custom Hair Color, Custom Skin Tone, Custom Name or Number, Custom Patch or Logo. We even offer Custom Paint:  Full Uniform to help our customers honor a specific person with head-to-toe attention to detail.  Just click on any Handpainted sculpture in our online store to see the personalization options available for that product, or call us to discuss your ideas with one of our design specialists.


CUSTOM BILLBOARD OR BENCH:  We can personalize any of our Billboards and Bench-backs to include your company logo, a family portrait, or an individualized message.  Just click on any of our Billboards or Benches located in our American Moments category to see the options available, or call us to discuss your ideas with one of our design specialists.


CUSTOM NEWSPAPER:  We can add a custom headline, front page photo, newspaper banner and date to any of the newspapers included with the following sculptures in our American Moments Sculpture Series category: Newsman, Early Edition, Evening News, Newsboy Diorama, Trashman, and the Standard Shadowbox Street Scene.


WOOD BASE:  Create a unique trophy or award by adding a wood base to  any sculpture by Michael Garman.  All our standard wood bases are 3/4 inches tall, allowing room for a personalized engraved plaque (not included) to be attached.  Just click on any sculpture in our online store to see the base size that will best fit your sculpture.



CUSTOM SHADOWBOX STREET SCENE:  We offer a series of wall-hanging Cityscapes with unique custom options that allow our customers to create a combination of features unique for their needs.  Shadowbox Street Scene personalization upgrades include Custom Billboard, Custom Newspaper, custom signs, and custom graffiti, additional characters, props and accessories, and much more.  All custom Shadowbox Street Scenes are created by hand.  So we invite you to call us today to discuss your ideas with one of our design specialists.


CUSTOM SCULPTURE:  A custom sculpture can be created for your company or organization.  Please note:  A sculpting fee and minimum purchase order are required for all custom work.  If you would like to learn more about commissioning a custom piece, please contact us here.