Garman sculpting Long ShooterAmerica’s Storyteller Sculptor, Michael Garman got his inspiration during a 3-year trek through Central and South America in the 1960s.  After hitchhiking from Texas to Santiago, Chile, Michael Garman learned to sculpt at the Escuela de Bellas Artes (School of Fine Arts).  Once he returned to the United States, Garman determined that the only way to make sure that the people who inspired his work could also afford to buy it was to perfect a handmade reproduction process.

Magic Town Crown TheaterIn 1975, Michael Garman Galleries opened in Old Colorado City in the heart of Colorado Springs.  For the next ten years, Michael Garman dedicated himself to building a miniature city as a home for his sculptures – Magic Town.  Today Magic Town is a 3,000 square-foot sculptural theater combining hundreds of handmade characters with highly detailed CityScapes, holograms that heckle visitors, trick lighting and mirror effects that can make entire alleyways disappear right before your eyes, and many more unique details.Creating Semper Fi

Today, artisans at The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery reproduce over 500 sculptures by Michael Garman.  True to his perfected method, each sculpture is handmade on-site in a way that continues Garman’s belief that art should be accessible and affordable for all.

Art should also tell a story that inspires people. Michael Garman does this with each sculpture and each series he creates.  His Western Series celebrates the heroes of the American Wild West.  His Firefighters Series and Law Enforcement Series honor the heroes who protect our communities.  His Military Series honor the brave men and women who protect our shores.  His American Moments Series, inspired by his own vagabond travels, honor the ordinary men and women who continue to rise up despite adversity.

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Michael Garman's American Heroes